A Date Gone Wrong


Alexa Perez, Contributor

Everyone, whether it be now or later, wants to get to experience going on dates or meeting the right person, but what happens when meeting the person you have been talking to goes wrong? This is the possible case for 18-year-old Jesslyn Zuniga. She was recently murdered. She had just graduated high school and her parents described her as an “extremely happy” person. She had told her friends that she was going to go and meet the person she had been talking to for a month for the first time. No one including her friends and family knew who this guy was. 

On Sunday, February 6, 2022 at 3 am, Jesslyn Zuniga’s body was found under a Houston overpass. After her body was discovered under a bridge, the police ruled that it was suicide. Everyone who knew Zuniga believed that she wouldn’t hurt herself. After further investigation, they found witnesses that told the police that they heard a man shouting near the area. The witnesses added that they heard a man run off and flee the scene on foot. As the day progressed, a truck driver came forward that day and told the police he was involved in a car crash around the same time. He told the police that he witnessed a woman being thrown out of a vehicle. This is a case that is still ongoing and there hasn’t been any updates since the various witnesses came forward with information. Many believe that the guy she went out with is involved in Zuniga’s mysterious death.


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