My Mom’s Complicated Pregnancies

Alondra Cervantes, Contributor

Women’s pregnancy is nothing easy–especially with complications, pain, and many other things. So I interviewed my mom about her experiences with her pregnancies. My moms had 6 pregnancies and only 4 successful births.

During my mom’s first pregnancy in the year 1990, everything was normal until her fourth month when she had a miscarriage and lost the baby. Then a year later, she got pregnant for the second time, and everything was fine up until the fourth month again when she went to get a check-up on the pregnancy. They were doing something they do to pregnant people to check how the baby is doing and to see if it will be an early birth. They had injected her twice, after this she started feeling pain and could see the baby’s hands pushing against the stomach which they thought the baby was drowning. The doctors then proceeded to get the baby out by doing a c-section on her. After this, she was in the hospital for 6 months because they had sterile gauze inside, and got infected. She had then been told she wasn’t able to get pregnant anymore. 

After that happened she proceeded to get surgeries in order to be able to get pregnant. A year later she got pregnant after having to go through many surgeries. She had to be in bed the whole 9 months since she was at high risk of losing the baby. She gave birth to her first baby girl in 1994. Four years later she got pregnant with a second girl. This was the most normal birth out of all the other ones she’s had, but the only complication was that my sister was a big baby. 

After the fourth pregnancy, she got pregnant with her first baby boy and was born in 2001 as a premature baby. The reason he was a premature baby was that he hadn’t developed inside the womb how he was supposed to. He came out purple, small, really ugly, and to top it all off one of his eyes was swollen from one of the nurses accidentally hitting him. He had gotten asthma due to the fact that the doctors would take him out of the incubator and shower him but my mom wasn’t told that they were doing that until later. They had told my mom that he was most likely not going to survive since the incubator wasn’t working enough for him. After looking for something that could help keep him alive, they found an application or website named kangaroo moms, that helped moms with premature babies. The people explained to my mom to put the baby on the stomach without any clothes so it could feel warmth, cover the baby with blankets, and put a lamp towards the baby on the stomach. They had to do this day and night. My brother is now 20 and doesn’t seem to have asthma now.

The last pregnancy was me and everything was fine, but she wouldn’t get hungry. My aunt would have to force her to get up and eat or she would just lay in bed all day because she had intense pain whenever she would get up. She gave birth to me in march 2005, but she then was diagnosed with anemia because of this pregnancy. Since then she’s had to go to the doctors 4-5 times a year and take medication and still has anemia to this day but it’s controlled. My mom said that even though she went through so many complications getting pregnant was worth it in the end because she got to experience a wonderful thing that is motherhood.