Marching Season Summary 2021


Austin, Contributor

October 23rd was Hueneme Pride Marching Band’s first field competition. The Shamrock Tournament was held in Anaheim, which is about 2h 30m from here. The Hueneme Pride Marching Band performed at 5:15 pm. It was done, the first show of the season was complete, at the command of the snare drum the band marched off the field, awaiting the awards ceremony. 9:15 pm came and awards started, and the 1st place award for the 1A bands was Hueneme High school with a score of 51- the highest seen from previous first competitions. 

As seen from left to right, Drum Major Victor Vargas, Band Director Mr. Patrick J. Harris, holding the trophy, and Drum Captain Cristian Ayala

Next was a competition in Lester Oaks on the 6th of November. Hueneme performed at 4:15 pm on a warm and sunny day after arriving late due to transportation issues. However, even with the complications, the determined band still placed 2nd with a score of 48.

Now was the first local competition at Camarillo High School on November 10th, performing at 7:00 pm- a cool night had set upon the field and with the final shows approaching, Hueneme had practiced new visuals. Visuals are usually a spin or another movement while not marching. With the show concluded the crowd loved it. When the awards were announced, Hueneme had come in 2nd once again with a score of 53.

Lastly was the Keepin’ the Music Alive tournament at Oxnard High School, the final field show of the year. Hueneme had marched onto the field and poured their heart and soul into every step and note played. When the end of the immaculate field show arrived, the crowd had gone wild and with a standing ovation, Hueneme marched off, awaiting awards. However, there were no trophies for Hueneme this time. The small, but driven band, had come in last with a score of 58.

I am a member of Hueneme’s marching band and was the only person playing trombone during the field shows this year. This year marching band had recollected itself in person, with Mr. Patrick Harris, our new band director. This season was tough, considering it’s been at least 2 years since anyone has marched. However, with enough determination and practice, Hueneme Pride Marching Band had a great season.