Porsche’s Synthetic Fuel In Development and How It Affects Gas Powered Cars

Anthony Alfaro, Contributor

What is eFuel? 

Will electric cars be the end of gas-powered cars in the future? Porsche and Siemens are working on a synthetic fuel that might answer that question. eFuel is a synthetic fuel, meaning it is made from a derivative of hydrogen and carbon dioxide which are mixed in a reactor that produces a gas which is then liquified into a synthetic methanol using a process called electrolysis. This methanol could then be turned into a gas for combustion engines using Exxonmobil’s process called methanol-to-gas (MtG). 

Porsche Car Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
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Porsche has already planned on using wind turbines in Chile. They chose Chile due to the fact that Chile can produce up to four times the amount of wind energy compared to the turbines in Germany. Although eFuel will not make fossil fuels disappear all over the world, it will definitely cause a big change in the amount of CO2 released from cars. The CO2 emissions from cars are expected to drop by 85%. 

Porsche Gt3 Sports - Free photo on Pixabay
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Porsche’s eFuel has caught the attention of the motorsport industry. Formula One and Le Mans Hypercars  are interested in trying out Porsche’s new eFuel for their motorsport vehicles. Porsche’s eFuel is expected to be put to the test in 2022 with the help of Exxonmobil. 

Another big question that can be asked about eFuel is how much it will cost. As of now, prices have not been set according to Micheal Steiner, a member of Porsche’s Executive, Research, and Development team. At the moment it is $10 per liter due to the amount of eFuel that is available. Currently, there is around 130,000 liters of eFuel available. Marcus Kabel, the corporate communication boss of Porsche, told Autoweek that production is supposed to increase the amount of eFuel from 130,000 liters to 550 million liters in an estimate of five years. 

Porsche 911 Gt2 - Free photo on Pixabay
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Porsche’s eFuel will change the automotive industry if it is successful. Not only will it keep older cars on the road, but it will make them cleaner. This is very important for the world we live in today.