Santa Barbara surf instructor kills his 2 children

Calif. Surfer Matthew Taylor Coleman Called Children ‘His Treasures’ in Last Family Photo He Shared

William Hernandez, Contributor

35 year old Abby Coleman has been going through what no parent would ever want to go through. Her husband, Matthew Taylor Coleman killed their kids: 2 year old Kaleo Coleman and 10 month old Roxy Coleman. Everyone he knew thought he had the perfect life because he was a surfing instructor, always happy, and was a man of God.

Matthew Coleman's Wife Told Cops He Wouldn't Hurt Kids |
Credit: Instagram / Matthew Taylor Coleman

Though he seemed to have the perfect life, he began incessantly looking at anonymous news outlets with conspiracies like “Q-Anon.” He was brainwashed into thinking his wife had serpent DNA and passed it down to their kids with the fear of them turning into “monsters.” Because of that fear, he felt the need to end the lives of his two children.

On August 7th, both Abby and Matthew Coleman were planning a camping trip as a family, then out of the blue, Matthew vanished with their kids and left Abby wondering. Matthew then drove to a ranch near Rosario, Baja, Mexico where he shot them both in the chest with a spearfishing gun which led to them dying. He put the bodies in a field and a couple hours after the incident, he went to a hotel where he stayed for a little bit. When he tried crossing the border to come back to the United States, he was apprehended by border patrol in San Diego. His family say they believe he had a “psychotic break” and they will continue to stick by him. Now, a federal grand jury has indicted Matthew Taylor Coleman for 2 charges which is “foreign first-degree murder of United States nationals.” The charges make him eligible on getting the death penalty but the Attorney General will decide if he gets the death penalty or not on a later date.