Top 10 of My Favorite Podcasts

Top 10 of My Favorite Podcasts

Yzabella Sanchez, Contributor

Mile Higher Podcast- Hosted by true crime YouTuber, Kendall Rae and her husband Josh Thomas, they do deep dives into some of the craziest murder mysteries, conspiracy theories, cryptics, and more. They host these episodes all while making it seem like you’re in the same room as them having a genuine conversation.

The Ezra Klein Show- Every few days, Ezra Klein interviews another reporter or researcher on a current political or social event while having an insightful and entertaining conversation that can be easily followed.

Let’s Get Haunted- A paranormal and conspiracy theory based podcast hosted by Aly and Nat make hour-long episodes and have a really great dynamic and both of them make amazing jokes to get you through an hour and a half of chilling mysteries.

Today, Explained- Monday through Friday, Vox produces this to help their audience navigate daily news in an easier format with interviews from experts and first-hand accounts that explain each current event in greater detail.

Teenager Therapy- This podcast is hosted by multiple teenagers who give their perspective on life, mental health, school, body image, and much more. Listening to this makes me feel understood and a sense of calm knowing that other people are going through what I’m going through as well.

TED Talks Daily- Delivered by scientists, professional speakers, professors, psychologists, and more, these Ted Talks are easy to relax and listen to and are also helpful in learning about new subjects and hearing about new ideas everyday. 

Science Weekly – Short episodes that discuss scientific topics and questions that are really interesting and insightful to listen to that make you want to question everything around you. 

The Weeds- Hosted by reporters at Vox, The Weeds discusses key political issues occurring in the United States that help you stay connected with the outside world while making you feel heard.

Stuff You Missed in History Class- For the historical junkies, this podcast is everything you could ask for and more! Each episode goes in-depth with a more interesting and entertaining description of the life of a historical or figure or a historical event.

The Argument- This a great podcast that really expresses what a democracy and a good debate is. Multiple hosts give their honest opinions on different events in the media and in politics and it gives a sense of encouragement to more respectful understanding.