Pandemic Babysitting?


Alejandro Basurto, Contributor

Babysitting during a pandemic is very hard; especially when you’re babysitting 3 kids. I have to wake up at “6:00” and have my aunt drop her kids off at my house so she can work. Around 8:00, I wake up because my little cousins are already awake and I tell them to go brush their teeth. Then, I start making breakfast for them; I usually make pancakes with some scrambled eggs. Once they’re done; I get them ready for their class, but sometimes they have trouble logging in so I have to help them. 

At 8:50, I start getting ready for my first-period class. Once my first-period class is over, I go to my next class and help my cousins log into their other classes. Once they’re done with their class, I let them watch TV or play on my PlayStation. They sometimes want to go out, but I can’t let them out because of the pandemic. Then, they start throwing a tantrum so I have to calm them down while I’m in class. At 1, I just make them food again, but this time I just make them some quesadillas and add meat inside the quesadilla with some avocado on the side.

I start my last class at 2 and we’re on for about 30 minutes. Our teacher shows us a video about ww1 and we take notes and answer some questions. After I’m done with all my classes; I help my little cousins do their homework so they won’t struggle at home because they don’t have anyone else to help them but me. My little cousins sometimes cry because they don’t know how to multiply; so I have to calm them down again. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it because I help them and my aunt because she didn’t go to school when she was small. They pay me about 100 bucks every week, for taking care of cousins. Babysitting during a pandemic is sometimes stressful because they want to go out and play at the park, but the pandemic ruins with everything.