Top 5 Mexican Foods


1. Tacos de trompo

Seasoned pork that is on a spinning top and is later cut into small pieces, which can later be put on to corn tortillas. You can also put cut onions and cilantro and green chili on it to give it more flavor.

2. Pozole

 A stew that is either made with chicken or pork and hominy. It also has cabbage, chili peppers, radishes, avocado, cilantro or limes, which makes the stew taste incredibly tastier. It is also eaten with tortilla chips.

3. Mole

 Chicken that is usually poured with a brown sauce, but it can also be green or red and  is made of chiles, nuts, warm spices, raisins, and tomatoes. It is eaten with tortillas or a roll.


4. Elote  

 Corn on the cob that has mayonnaise, powdered cheese, powdered chili, and melted butter. This is usually sold by street vendors that usually go around the neighborhood with their bells.

5. Birria 

A red stew that resembles pozole but is made from lamb or goat meat. This is usually eaten alone but can also be put in a quesadilla, which is called quesabirria. They can also be made into tacos and mulitas.