SAT Testing Sites Are Closed…Now What?

SAT Testing Sites Are Closed...Now What?

Yzabella Sanchez, Contributor

For some students, including myself, we look forward to taking the SAT and showing our success through a score to help us stand out and have better chances of being accepted into colleges of our choice. We prepare for this test months in advance and look forward to trying to get the best scores possible. Yet, that changed for a lot of us when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down schools and testing sites, causing us to wonder what was next. 

With testing sites closed and more universities no longer using SAT’s as a requirement, it felt as though the time studying wasn’t really worth it since most universities were getting rid of the test itself anyway. In an article from CNN, it’s stated that the University of California admission system will no longer use the ACT or SAT as a requirement until 2024. The UC’s have a plan to develop a new test that would specifically meet their application criteria and is aligned with what they expect from incoming students. It also states that if no new test is made by the fall of 2025, the UC’s will officially eliminate any standardized testing as admissions criteria.

Despite all this, rising juniors and seniors still want to have a chance to take the SAT or ACT in the upcoming months. For most seniors applying to universities in 2020, this was a huge step in the college admissions process since we’ve always been told that the SAT’s will make us “different” or how one score could make us “better.” Without this, there’s more of a focus on grades, athletics, clubs, and community service which can put a lot of pressure on students who were dependent on their high scores. 

Even though this is some bad news, the SAT is not entirely canceled nationwide. An average of about 53% of testing sites for the August 29 SAT were closed or limited capacity, but a few were still open to the public. There will be more opportunities to take the SAT in the coming months, but as we’ve seen with the pattern of closing test sites, it’s hard to be hopeful for an accurate test date or location. These are uncharted waters and new experiences for parents, students, and teachers; the only thing we can really do is wait.