How I Make my Favorite Iced Coffee

Zuleyma Jacuinde, Editor

It was a sunny day of June 2019 and I felt very exhausted. I needed something too boost up my mood and I knew water wasn’t it. I was so thirsty and craved an iced coffee from Starbucks, but I didn’t have a transportation and nor did i have the energy to walk four blocks to obtain a coffee. I then decided to make my own iced coffee. I grabbed my dark roast Nescafe, almond milk, and a large cup. I put a spoon of coffee and filled three fourths of the cup with milk. I tasted it and noticed that i had forgotten to add sugar. Yet, I knew that sugar wasn’t going to give it a greater taste, so I used Hazelnut Coffee Mate. To finalize my iced coffee I grabbed seven ice cubes and stir them with the coffee. Since then, this has been my favorite drink to have at home; the best part of it, is that it saves me money!

Picture credit: Zuleyma Jacuinde