How Global Warming Affects our Marine Life

Mark Martin, contributor

During the last 100 years the Earth’s average land and sea surface temperature has increased because of an influx of greenhouse gasses from human activities. The increased temperature has even reached the deep depths of more than 700 meters. Many mammals require specific temperature ranges to allow them to survive.

Many of the effects of global warming are not directly unknown due to unpredictability, but many are becoming increasingly evident today. Many of our sea levels are rising due to the Arctic glacier melting; thus causing many marine life to wash up on shores. The turtles are washing up on shores and so are whales.

Many species aren’t able to successfully migrate to a proper environment, unless they’re able to successfully adapt. With rapid climate change comes ocean temperatures to rise. Numerous marine life aren’t able to adapt to change in ocean temperatures. Some of the temperature change results in the animals to start stressing out.



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