5 Best Places To Explore

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5 Best Places To Explore

Agustin Armenta, Contributor

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If you have money you can afford anything, for example: cars, houses, and  many other things that are expensive. Instead of wasting money, you can travel and explore a new city or go on a cruise. Having money is a good thing because you get to do all these good exploration all over the world. For Example…

  1. Expedition to Antarctica. Antarctica is a cold beautiful place to visit which has a high chance of seeing penguins
  2. Cruise to Alaska. Alaska gives out nice beautiful sun sets in the afternoon. Beautiful place to go to.
  3. Sail the Greek Islands. The islands has a very nice rich bright blue water color. Witch that for me look like heaven.
  4. Drive the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Its a place were you can relax and just live the life.
  5. Hike the Camino de Santiago between France and Spain. If your looking for a fun and active and beautiful place this is the place to hike.

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