6 Big Celebrities that Died in 2018

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6 Big Celebrities that Died in 2018

Agustin Armenta, Contributor

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This 2018 we can say we lost a big portion of famous celebrities. Here are 6 celebrities I think had an impact in people life.

6. Stan Lee. Stan Lee was 95 when he died. He was the guy who gave us the marvel universe

5. Mac Miller. Rapper Mac miller died on Sept. 7 and  died on overdose on drugs. He was 27

4. Richard Harrison also know as the old man from pawn stars died at the age of 77 from Parkinson’s disease.

3.  Verne Troyer. He was most know as the Mini-Me from he movie Austin Powers. Verne died on April 21,  2018. at the of age of 49.



2. Avicii. Avicii dead on April 20, at the age of 28 witch he was know as  DJ producer.





1. XXXTentacion, X died on June 18, 2018.  His death shocked all his fan when he died. X death was cause by getting shot when getting robbed.

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