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Andre Chico, Contributor

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Take Notes with Different Color

Using different colors can really benefit yourself. This is a method used by lots of students around the world. This method help you remember those notes better than just using the regular black and royal blue color pen. This is a great form of remembering notes.

Use Google Docs for Assignments

Google Docs is pretty amazing if you ask me. This allows you to do share documents online, allows you to do papers online, and presentations. It actually allows you to email others as well.

Change Your Working Area

Try to change your working area every now and then. Working in the same spot every time can really mess up your work. You wont be working as good as the first time you did.  A change will give you creativity and more motivation to work on your assignment.

Take Breaks 

Don’t always be working. Take some time and rest a bit. Try moving around or going out for fresh air. After about a hour of working, stand up and walk around for a bit. Don’t be just working.

Source: study international

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Andre Chico, Contributor

Hello there, my name is Andre Chico. I am currently a Senior attending Hueneme High School. I am 18 years old. I am athletic and very energetic. I was...

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