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Helpful Tips for Students

Andre Chico, Contributor

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Eat Healthy 

Try to follow the basic principles like eating breakfast. Most people don’t eat breakfast, why? Mainly because people either wake up late and have no time or because they just choose not to. Try not to skip main meals like lunch and dinner. Also eat snacks to prevent hunger. Balance your meals by eating efficient amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and proteins.


Exercising keeps your body and healthy and in shape. You don’t have to work out insanely, just simply walk to your classes or you can get yourself into a light fitness class. All that matters is for you to keep your body in motion.

Get A Good Amount Of Sleep

It is difficult to ensure your getting the right amount of sleep when you have piles of homework from classes. You try to hang out with friends and go out but then you come home to your homework and the you work on it but its time to sleep but your still doing homework. Try to do less things so you can sleep at night every night around the same time.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad in general. Smoking can put your life at risk. If you can not stop and may need help, your student health center can help you.


Now and days it is easy to be stressed but try not to get over stress. Give yourself several breaks. Maintain a healthy routine and make sure to relax before you take on a heavy task.

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Andre Chico, Editor

Hello there, my name is Andre Chico. I am currently a Senior attending Hueneme High School. I am 18 years old. I am athletic and very energetic. I was...

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