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Top World markets I wish to visit

Adam Galindo, Contributor

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  1. This past Friday (Cinco De Mayo) I went on a field trip to Los Angeles for this holidays parade there was food, music, shops, and stands all going down in a place known as The Alley. After experiencing this visit to this market I was hooked and wondered what would it be like to visit a market from another country from all around the world? After doing some research I found my top markets that i want to visit and suggest.

Shilin Night Market Taipei

This market is known for it’s huge food court and independent vendors who serve their own original specialty and is one of the most popular night markets in the world. They of course are known for their food court but also sell much furniture

Camden Lock Market London

Here is one of London’s best tourist attractions the Camden Lock sells everything from food to boots and shoes and welcomes about 100,000 people.

Next is Guadalajara mexico

Which takes up a large part of the inter city when it is open Thursdays and Saturdays. Here you can buy anything from food to tiny knick-knacks and furniture. Since this market is so huge one could easily get lost but, with all the vendors set up around they will never go hungry. There are so many diverse vendors around this market all with their own original dishes.



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Top World markets I wish to visit