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Top 3 Places to go Treasure Hunting

Kevin Cuen, Contributor

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Have you ever dreamed about finding the buried treasure of captain Kidd or maybe captain Blackbeard well here are some places people believe there is buried treasure from pirates, kings and even historical figure’s.

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Oak Island: There is a big mystery that dates back to the 1700’s these rumors are set to be that there are millions even billions of gold and artifacts buried deep in the ground in oak island people believe Captain Kidd and Captain Blackbeard buried their treasure on an island at the coast of Scovia where the island was a resting point for most pirates on their journey. There also set to be buried jewelry from french princess Maria Antoinette.

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El Dorado: The legend of El Dorado has been out for century’s now. El Dorado is a legend from pirates that established during the time of Captain Black Beard and rival Captain Kidd. This legend is said to be a lost city made entirely out of gold, it is said to be the worlds most valuable town and lost treasure of a colony of pirates that founded the city. The only bummer about this treasure is there is no clues to where the city can be found or and info on it but somewhere out there i believe this city can be found.

Image result for treSURE OF LIMA MAP

Treasure Of Lima: this treasure is my favorite because not only is there a big lead on the gold but there is also reports of people finding money near the island. This treasure is set to be in Cocos island in Costa Rica. The treasure there is set to be from Spanish explorers who conquered some of south america and buried their treasure on cocos island.

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Top 3 Places to go Treasure Hunting